increasing complexity of modern
engineering IT environment

One design model

across all disciplines and all design stages

We are the future

of large scale parallel distributed computing

High fidelity

multidisciplinary design optimization

Dynamic collaborative
design environment


Tutorial on Multidisciplinary Design

Tutorial on Multidisciplinary Design took place on Wed. April 2nd, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. It was organized by the Institute of Machine Design Fundamentals (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering) in cooperation with the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology and Sorcersoft.com S.A.


For Business

SORCER is designed to drastically reduce new product development life cycle, time-to-market and the cost of product development.

For Engineers

SORCER – Engineering collaboration platform for computation, prototyping, design and sharing numerical models in an interdisciplinary environment.

"(…) SORCER’s parallel computing capability (…) reduced the computational time (…) from 24 hours to approximately 2 hours."

"SORCER reduced the computational expense of using nonlinear aerodynamic analysis method within the preliminary design environment by allowing the computational workload to be distributed across a network of computer."

"Service ORiented Computational EnviRonment (SORCER) is one of the latest inventions in the field of collaborative computational design."