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SORCER – Engineering collaboration platform for high fidelity multidisciplinary design optimization, prototyping, and sharing numerical models in an interdisciplinary environment.

SORCER is designed to drastically reduce new product development life cycle, time-to-market and the cost of product development – SORCER supports the collaboration among distributed teams and individuals. Services offered by SORCER are eligible to utilize all your engineering tools, thus simplifying and reducing time of prototyping while increasing quality, reliability and scalability.

High Fidelity Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

A common cost driver in the development of complex products is the fact that design errors are not discovered early enough and the product design must be corrected and has to pass through all previous stages. SORCER focuses on introducing High Fidelity physics into earlier stages of design helping to achieve a higher quality product design in the first place. Another important aspect is that thanks to SORCER it is possible to use the same model of the product (but with different levels of fidelity) throughout all stages of the design.

Saving time

SORCER automates repeating tasks relieving engineers from doing non-creative work. Makes previous work easier to reuse and incorporates it into new solutions and designs. SORCER helps to find others achievements in an organization-wide knowledge base. SORCER is a collaboration environment that may be used to couple internal design processes within organization\’s teams (silos) or even between collaborating organizations leading to significant reductions in product design time.

Saving money

achieved by timesaving mentioned above and by giving engineers tools and an environment that takes advantage of their potential to the extreme extent. SORCER allows users to create designs of unprecedented complexity while still keeping the ability to implement changes in a simple and reliable way.

Better utilization of computational resources

SORCER is designed to perform distributed computations using existing resources in a flexible manner. SORCER is so robust that it doesn\’t require HPC class computing resources – you can use regular workstations or clusters to achieve the same results. With little administration effort SORCER helps you get the same performance for a fraction of its costs.

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