For Engineers

SORCER – Engineering collaboration platform for computation, prototyping, multidisciplinary design and sharing numerical models in an interdisciplinary environment.

SORCER is our solution for dealing with increasing complexity of engineering work. It simplifies the building of sophisticated and complex solutions by assembling them from previously defined parts and utilizing underlying engineering tools. In a distributed, complex, multidisciplinary environment SORCER shows its scalability and reliability.

High Fidelity Multidisciplinary design optimization (hf MDO), analysis (hf MDA) and exploration (hf MDX)

SORCER is all about Multidisciplinary Design. Its goal is to introduce high fidelity physics as early in the multidisciplinary design process as needed. Unlike conventional MDO suites it focuses on all design phases – starting from conceptual design through preliminary design and up to the detailed design. It is the 3rd generation of engineering applications’ integration platforms. Thanks to its decentralized distributed nature and scalability you won’t have to rely only on approximations. You can run full-fledged MDO using high fidelity physics (structures, stress, CFD etc.) in real-time and get higher quality designs in the same time you normally spend running simulations on surrogate models.

SORCER – prototyping capabilities

prototyping capabilities are strengthened by the way the architecture enables rapid changes to the implementation of models on both code and functional level. Easy to learn visual programming is an additional advantage giving a new level of control over all changes in the design.

SORCER strongly supports the collaboration between engineers.

Models created in SORCER can be easily shared and incorporated into others work. Organization-wide knowledge repository can be build and used by all its members. Self-explanatory interfaces and unified descriptions are another aid for users. SORCER may be used across organizations to expose, couple and automate design processes while keeping internally secure the core processes that form the organization’s competitive advantage.

SORCER is integrated with all major engineering tools,

providing users with one big homogeneous platform for computation. The integration of further tools is seamless and features data preprocessing, data pipelining, process monitoring and the presentation of results.

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